Sunday, February 28, 2010

Better Business Bureau Reviews

I was asked last week what I thought about our relationship with the Better Business Bureau and if our company being a member is valuable . We have been members since 2004 and I know it is valuable to us but I had to think about the reasons why.

In this day and age of thousands of review sites out on the internet, it seems that the Better Business Bureau would get less and less valuable to the consumer. After all who checks with the BBB before making a purchasing decision? Isn't it faster and easier to google Competitive Lawn Service Reviews and get your answer. Isn't everything you read on the internet true?

The reality is that we do get a lot of value from our relationship with the Better Business Bureau. Since we have been a member for awhile, any negative business practices over the years would have been recorded. Businesses that have poor customer service, business practices, and the like quickly will be exposed through the BBB .

We also do receive a lot of traffic from the site. When we redid our website a few years ago with analytics that could see and track where our traffic was coming from, BBB was up there on the list and still is today.

Another added benefit that we agreed to when we joined the BBB was an arbitration service in case of any disputes. This was something we used once when a complaint was put in on our company. The BBB suggested this to the customer and we were assigned a BBB agent who worked to mediate the situation. The outcome was good for both the customer and for our company.

Some level of advertising is put out in the Chicagoland area including billboards, Tribune and Sun Times advertising, Yellow Pages, as well as Internet search programs, etc.

In the last few years they have also started a rating system from A+ to F for companies. For companies that do not have unresolved disputes or negative reviews they can receive an A+ rating. We were able to receive the highest A+ rating each year.

In my opinion, based on the value we receive from the program, I believe that it is still a worthwhile association to belong to.

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